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Landscape Pathways, Landscape Lighting Grand Rapids, MI

Tired of old Pavers that are sinking, moving, breaking and not giving your landscape the appeal that they used to?  Pavers can be a great product choice for many patio or walkway applications depending on how well they were installed.  Even if installed properly, many times pavers begin to sink or move and all of the sudden, the patio or walkway you once loved is now in question.

Consider a natural stone slab for your walkway or patio. This beautiful walkway was constructed by Platinum Ponds & Landscaping in Grand Rapids, MI.  This natural limestone is very affordable, and offers great curb appeal as well as longevity.  This product has a very low probability of moving, sinking, or breaking over time.  We love the look of pavers don’t get us wrong, but when it comes to natural stone you can’t go wrong with this choice.  Check out the before pictures of pavers and notice the discoloration and sinking.  Platinum Ponds & Landscaping came in and removed the old pavers and replaced with amazing natural stone that is bordered with landscape metal edging, mulch, and amazing plant material.

And with most all of our projects, landscape lighting is a must!!  Nothing brings out an amazing landscape better than illuminating trees, walkways, and planting beds!!  Call Platinum Ponds & Landscaping today at 616-581-8124 for your consultation today!!