Platinum Ponds & Landscaping

Water Feature Contractor of West Michigan

This fantastic water feature was built as a new home for several Koi Fish that the customer kept at their current Kalamazoo home. We met with the customer, and they shared their vision with us on how they wanted their water feature to look.

We lined out a design and came to terms with the design, shape, and size of the pond that would be a good home to their Koi Fish. We used the formula that is used by Aquascape Inc, that states about 10″ of fish per 100 gallons of water.

All material for this job is from Aquascape. As an Aquascape Certified Contractor, we feel it is always essential to use the very best materials to make the best functioning water feature.

Not only the best plumbing, but we also offer the very best Rock Work (or Rock Art) for water features and ponds. If you are looking for a Water Feature Contractor, please contact Platinum Ponds or Request a Consultation through our website.

We would be honored to have the opportunity to build your water feature!