Water Features

The sounds of a bubbling brook, the churn of a waterfall, or the gentle serenity of a pond can offer peace, aesthetic delight, and can be an excellent addition to any yard or property. No matter the size, shape, or layout of your property, consider enhancing its appearance with a water feature, pond, or waterfall from Platinum Ponds & Landscaping.

We are happy to discuss Aquascape Fountainscapes such as Spillway Bowls, Basalt Columns, Stacked Slated Urns, and more!


Few things can be more natural-looking and attractive as a pond. Various types of flora and fauna can be used to enhance the pond. Grow lily pads on the surface of the pond, and hosts of different water-dwelling animals like fish, turtles, and frogs!

The Koi pond, in particular, is an elegant, Eastern-inspired choice. Koi stand out for their beauty and serene demeanor and are seen enhancing water features at restaurants, businesses, hotels, gardens, and home landscapes.


Waterfall styles are endless – ancient, vintage, modern and contemporary. Many of our customers not only love the waterfall view, but the relaxing, and peaceful sounds of the water just as much.

Take advantage of our expertise and resources. Contact us today for a consultation, to talk through your water feature vision. We look forward to hearing from you.

Platinum Ponds & Landscaping is a Certified Aquascape Contractor. Contractors are required to receive extensive training and show experience and positive customer reviews before achieving this certification. 

Platinum Ponds & Landscaping designs and builds custom landscaping and water features in West Michigan and surrounding areas. We proudly offer quality service and stunning results with a "customer first" approach.

OUR MISSION We start with fully understanding the customer's vision. We focus on a natural style and approach to landscape design, which accents what mother nature has intended for your West Michigan property. We are proud of our fair, reasonable pricing, and value long term relationships with customers.


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