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Add Spring Color to your Landscape

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and spring has finally sprung! There are many different ways to add some beautiful colors to your landscape in the early season.

Trees & Shrubs

Nothing says spring quite like cherry blossom trees. These trees produce a sweet smell along with their amazing pink blossoms. There are many varieties of cherry blossoms available, making it easy to get something that suits the needs of your landscape.

Forsythia is an early flowering shrub that people mainly use along property lines and naturalized areas to provide privacy. Forsythia bushes provide an abundance of bright yellow flowers to your landscape and will be among the first plants on your property to bloom every year.


Although there are very few perennials that are known for blooming early in the spring, careful planning of perennials can provide you with some great color in the early season. Using bulbs such as Iris, Daffodils, and Tulips are a great way to fill the void left between the stark white of winter and the blooms of your summer flowers.

These bulbs provide an awesome variety of colors and shapes and look best planted in groups within the same variety. We recommend planting these bulbs in the late summer/early fall to make sure you get great color as early in the spring as possible.


While pansies are known for being cold hardy annuals, they don’t do well in heat and will need to be replaced once summer is here to stay. Most commonly found in pink, purple, white, and blue varieties, pansies are known for the cheerful “faces” on their large petals.

Geraniums are a staple annual for Michigan gardeners. Starting their blooming season when the temperature is as low as 50°F geraniums are sure to provide your garden with the early pop of color you’re looking for.


Colorful containers are an easy way to elevate the curb appeal of your home while adding a splash of color throughout the year. Planters are a simple way to add your favorite colors to your front entry, your garden, or around your patio. Choosing colors that complement your home and garden should be considered when selecting your new planters.