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Backyard Koi Pond Design

backyard koi pond

Are you thinking about renovating your backyard Koi Pond or having a new Pond or water feature installed in your West Michigan home? This fantastic Koi Pond was restored and entirely reconstructed by Platinum Ponds & Landscaping in June of 2018. Platinum Ponds & Landscaping specializes in Ponds and Water Features as well as landscape design and implementation services.

This particular Koi Pond had been initially constructed in 2014 to a previous homeowner. The homeowner purchased the home after the pond had been installed, so they inherited this pond. At first, they were thrilled to be pond owners but quickly started learning about the pond’s issues.

Our client’s main concerns were a great and safe home for their beloved Koi fish. The walls were caving in because of poor stonework, the pond leaked, and the pond was overgrown with lilies and other aquatic plants that were very invasive. These factors contributed to poor water quality and aesthetic appearance.

The Pond’s Boifalls, which is the mechanical spillway reservoir that filters the pond’s water was constructed way too high above grade.

The pond had a “volcano effect” which means there was a large cone-shaped mound coming up out the ground which appeared like a pile of small cobblestone. The waterfalls were constructed with flagstone which also contributes to poor aesthetic design.

Our customer initially contacted us to fix the issues of the caving walls and rebuild the main waterfalls. However, after further diagnosis of the pond’s shoddy construction and leaking problems, the homeowner agreed that the pond needed a full reconstruction.

Our expert Pond Installation team was quick to the task of demoing the existing pond and began installing a new liner, boulders, waterfalls, plumbing, and overflow system. We salvaged the existing aquatic lights, but other than the pond was a complete new reconstruction.

After five days of artistic rock work and hard labor, the team installed this brand new 16’x11′ Koi Pond with a 15′ stream which meandered below the overpassing decorative bridge. Please check out the before and after pics!