Platinum Ponds & Landscaping

Renovating a Natural Pond

This large pond project was designed and built by Platinum Ponds & Landscaping in June of 2018 in Belmont, MI. The client contacted us to consult on renovating a natural pond in a wooded backyard of their West Michigan residence. The property set on several acres and the natural pond was extraordinarily murky and full of sediment, thus not pleasing in appearance.

The reason they wanted our help is they wanted to enjoy a clean looking pond that they could see the bottom of the pond, enjoy the sound of a waterfall, and attract wildlife. They homeowner loved deer, fish, and other types of wildlife that the pond would attract. They also wanted to add underwater lighting, and have a night area to enjoy with family and friends. All of these factors played a factor in how we designed our client’s pond.

The project came with many challenges. First, we had to dig several feet of sediment out of the existing pond. The pond design included a 45′ Length x 35′ Width x 2′-3′ deep pond that would have a pond liner. Before this pond liner could be installed, the Platinum Ponds & Landscaping team had the difficult task of removing the sediment with a large excavator.

Our biggest challenge was the amount of moisture and water that was in the soil around the pond, as well as the fact that the pond access had an incredibly steep grade. We had to maneuver through trees and had lots of challenges avoiding getting our machinery stuck or bumping into trees.

The Platinum Ponds & Landscaping team persevered through the project challenges, and we were thrilled at the outcome. The Large Pond is designed for different stock types of fish, has aquatic lighting, aquatic plants, and an algae control system.

It also has a large central waterfall which draws water through a skimmer on the opposite side of the pond to allow for proper oxygenation and circulation for optimum water quality. Now our client can enjoy the beautiful outdoors with the site of a clean, healthy pond, as well as enjoy the sounds and sights of a fantastic waterfall to attract wildlife.

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