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Discover the beauty and benefits of Recreational Ponds, also referred to as Natural Swim Ponds, a growing trend that offers a chlorine-free alternative to traditional swimming pools. Through Wetland Filtration, these ponds maintain clean, clear, and healthy water using the same natural process found in protected wetlands.

In addition to their eco-friendly filtration system, Recreational Ponds boast stunning features like majestic waterfalls and pristine rock work. At Platinum Ponds & Landscaping, we specialize in building these unique ponds, focusing on both functionality and aesthetics. Our team guides clients through the process of owning a Recreational Pond, from planning and construction to maintenance and enjoyment.

As experienced Recreational Pond builders in Grand Rapids, MI, and surrounding areas, we understand the intricacies of pond construction and work closely with clients to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Each Recreational Pond we create is expertly engineered by our team and Aquascape Technical Department, guaranteeing years of elite performance and enjoyment. Join us on this journey to create your own oasis of natural beauty and relaxation.

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Koi Pond with Split Waterfalls. Paver brick walkways and seating area


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Waterfall Installation with rocks in a backyard.

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Recreational Ponds, also known as Natural Swim Ponds are a newer trend that are gaining popularity as an alternative…

Water feature pond, surrounded by rocks. The pond is built near a house.

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No matter your inspiration, we’ll create a stunning layout that highlights your distinctive style. An inviting outdoor space that’s not only beautiful but envelops you in a feeling of calm and serenity.