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Sprawling Water Features

Still thinking about adding sprawling water features to your West Michigan home? Platinum Ponds & Landscaping is West Michigan’s premier Water Feature Grand Rapids contractor. We specialize in water features, ponds, outdoor fountains, as well as Landscape Design and we design and build all of our projects in-house. You can be assured that you will be working with Platinum Ponds & Landscaping Water Feature Grand Rapids team throughout the entire process.

Platinum Ponds & Landscaping Water Feature Grand Rapids team will educate you about your existing water feature as well help you maintain and improve your water feature.

Whether you need help installing and removing pumps, improving the health of Koi or other fish, adding aquatic plants, fish caves, or any other needs we are here to help! Most Water Features can be deficient maintenance if proper measures and installation processes take place. The use of an Ionizer in your Water Feature or Pond can drastically reduce maintenance and the growth of string algae.

The proper installation of aquatic plants in your water feature not only improves the aesthetic look of your water feature but also helps drastically improve the ecosystem and promote crystal clear water! The Water Features Grand Rapids team at Platinum Ponds & Landscaping will educate our clients on how they can enjoy a crystal clear Water Feature with limited maintenance.

Platinum Ponds & Landscaping will bring unique design, as well as superior skill to your water feature grand rapids residence or business. We have been helping our clients with their water feature and koi pond dreams for the last 12 years.

If your looking for the most experienced a design-oriented water feature Grand Rapids contractor, look no further than Platinum Ponds & Landscaping in Grand Rapids, MI.

A member of our design team is ready to discuss your project and answer your questions.