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Fire Pit Installation in Kalamazoo

Platinum Ponds & Landscaping had a great experience working with a customer from Richland on a Fire Pit installation. Typically, most fire pits are built with the actual fire pit portion of the patio built above ground.

This particular customer shared with us during the consultation that he wanted his fire pit to be built with the fire pit ring installed in the ground, beneath grade.

This raises the difficulty of the project due to the very tight inside radius cuts that need to be made on the pavers along the inside rim of the fire pit ring.

Our installation crew was up to the task. This Paver Fire Pit was built with amazing quality and outstanding workmanship.  The customer was ecstatic with the outcome.

We began the project by burying the 18″ deep X 42″ wide fire pit ring.  This project called for a Unilock Paver,

Richcliff Dawn Mist Pebble Taupe paver, accented by the Copthorne 3 color blend. We built a very solid base, compacted the subgrade several times, and proceeded to lay in the entire paver pattern.  We then had to add in the outer accents using a sailor course with a different paver.

Finally, we applied the polymeric joint sand, which we have a video of on our Youtube page.  If you would like to see the entire installation, please go to our Youtube page link right here on our site on the bottom of the homepage.