Platinum Ponds & Landscaping

Designing a Koi Pond – Muskegon, MI

This job in Muskegon, Michigan was designed and constructed by Platinum Ponds & Landscaping in July 2017. The design team carefully designed a new Koi Pond for the homeowner and their grandchildren to enjoy.

There was an existing pond, constructed of cement, that was not meeting their expectations regarding appearance or functionality. The biggest reason they loved their pond was their Koi Fish. They loved their fish, and they enjoyed the opportunity they had to spend time with their grandchildren feeding the fish.

Platinum Ponds had the opportunity to meet with the homeowner and design a new 8’x11′ pond, with a fish cave to protect their beloved fish from predators. The pond was also constructed with underwater lights, aquatic plants, and an Iongen algae control system.

Also included in the design was a paver patio, a paver walkway, and a wholly renovated front entryway all designed and constructed by Platinum Ponds & Landscaping.

Please check out the before, 3D Design Renderings, and after Pics. If you have a need for a Koi Pond, Water Feature, or landscape design at your home, please contact the experts at Platinum Ponds & Landscaping today to schedule your consultation.