Platinum Ponds & Landscaping

Front Entryway Landscape Design

This fantastic front entryway landscape was designed and built by Platinum Ponds & Landscaping in July of 2017. The customer came to us with a desire to completely renovate their front walkway, planting beds, plant design, boulder design, retaining walls, and much more.

Similar to most all of our landscape design projects, this project started with a landscape design concept which was brought to life with our 3D Landscape Design Software.

This process entails us speaking with the homeowner with their thoughts on color and stone choice, how they would like to use the space, plant preferences, budget, and other details.

Platinum Ponds & Landscaping then takes this information after we fully understand our customer’s vision, and a 3D design concept is created. We then take the design concept to the homeowner, and we make revisions based on their feedback.

The walkway was flawlessly constructed. Plant design, boulder placement, edging, and mulch brought this entire front entryway together for an extraordinary landscape!

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