Platinum Ponds & Landscaping

Pond Contractor Projects: Renovating a Natural Pond

This project was a natural earth pond renovation project completed by a Platinum Pond contractor in 2017. The customer called Platinum Ponds & Landscaping because their natural 120′ diameter pond was full of ugly weeds, cattails, large unwanted trees, shrubbery, and steep banks.

For the perimeter of the pond, we discussed grading out the banks of the pond to a grade that would support gravels, boulder, and stone and not slide back into the pond.

We also discussed a weed barrier filter fabric that would prevent future weeds from growing up between the stone. Finally, we addressed a phase 2 of the project which entails a large limestone outcropping water feature on the back side of the pond for water filtration as well as aesthetic appeal.

This season we renovated the perimeter beach areas of the pond and next spring we will most likely be beginning construction of the water feature.